Serving together for social development and international solidarity in Somalia

Empowering individuals and communities to achieve sustainable livelihoods, access to food security, promote democracy and human rights, and foster peaceful development through innovative and participatory approaches.

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About Us

We are a female-led NGO based in Somalia dedicated to providing lifesaving relief in emergencies and development assistance to the most vulnerable people recovering from conflict, disaster and impact of climate change.

We work with communities including women, children, internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees, and returnees to build resilience and safeguard their rights and well-being through a variety of programs and initiatives.

Our Thematic Areas of Work


Food Security and Livelihoods

Livelihoods and food security are critical components of sustainable development, and STS is committed to improving them. Our organization believes that individuals and communities should have access to basic needs such as food, water, and shelter, and we work to empower them to achieve sustainable livelihoods and food security.


Democracy and Human Rights

We believe that democracy and human rights are fundamental to sustainable development. We work to promote and protect these values, particularly for marginalized and vulnerable communities. Our organization advocates for the protection of human rights, particularly the rights of women, children, and minorities.


Inclusive and sustainable

At STS International Solidarity, we recognize that access to inclusive, quality, equitable and sustainable education is a fundamental human right and a critical component of sustainable development. We work to ensure that all children, particularly those from marginalized and vulnerable communities, have access to education that is inclusive, equitable, and of high quality.


Health, Nutrition, and WASH

At STS International Solidarity, we recognize that access to quality healthcare and nutrition is essential to reducing maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity. We work to ensure that all individuals, particularly women and children, have access to healthcare and nutrition that is of high quality and that can improve their health and well-being. We are also particular about the importance quality WASH services that ensure availabilty of clean water for drinking and other uses within the homes



Somali women, children, and men are already facing serious threats to their physical safety and other life-threatening protection risks. Children, in particular, bear the biggest brunt of the ongoing conflict. The
conflict has displaced 2.6 million people across Somalia, and many children have been separated from their families and friends. The longer a child is separated from their family, the more difficult it is to locate them, and the more at risk they are to violence, economic and sexual exploitation, abuse, and potential trafficking.


and Climate

Somalia is a country that is highly vulnerable to natural disasters, with an estimated 43% of its land area exposed to flooding and droughts. In addition, climate-change related desertification and poor agricultural and pastoral land-use practices such as deforestation and overgrazing are also prevalent. 

Partners and Donors

STS Geographical Coverage Areas

We work in South Central Somalia where poverty, conflict, and inequality are most acute. We collaborate with local partners and stakeholders to ensure our interventions are context-specific and responsive to local needs and priorities in these areas

Our History

STS international Solidarity was formed in the winter of 1992-1993 in the wake of the Balkan conflict under the name of “Serving together social development” (STS). When the Common European Movement “International Workers Aid” was formed, STS worked with it to bring the multi-ethnic and
multi-religious Tuzla to rescue. STS also stood for several projects during the 1990s in Tuzla, Macedonia, and Kosovo.
In line with the organization’s strategic objective, STS expanded to Somalia in 1999 and helped to establish the vocational education and secularly led organization, STS Somalia. The purpose of STS Somalia was to create a platform for organizations fighting for ignorance and poverty, human and sexual rights in Somalia. At its peak, STS consisted of 24 local organizations, institutions, and groupings, which together represented 300,000-4,000,000 members.

The success of the project resulted in the STS being appointed “Goodwill” ambassador to Denmark and the international NGO community of the former Somali Arta government. Through their programs, STS International Solidarity provides various forms of assistance, such as
emergency relief, food aid, healthcare, education, shelter, and livelihood support to the most vulnerable communities in Somalia. We work to strengthen local capacities and promote community resilience, empowering people to become self-sufficient and able to cope with future challenges.
We partner with the local communities, civil society organizations, and governments to ensure their interventions are culturally sensitive and locally appropriate. We also advocate for policies that address
the root causes of poverty and inequality, promote peacebuilding, and respect human rights.

STS Strategic Plan (2023-2026)

STS International Solidarity (STS) Strategic Plan for 2022-2025 is grounded within renewed global commitment to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its associated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Strategic Plan sets the organization’s course for the next four years. It outlines the many ways that STS, working in partnership, can most efficiently save and change lives.