Who we are

Serving Together Social Development International Solidarity

STS international Humanitarian organization that was formed in the winter of 1992-1993 and arose in the wake of the Balkan conflict under the name of “Serving together social development” (STS). When the Common European Movement “International Workers Aid” was formed, STS worked with it to bring the multiethnic and multi-religious Tuzla to rescue. STS also stood for several projects during the 1990s in Tuzla, Macedonia and Kosovo.

In line with the organization’s development, STS in 1999 expanded to Somalia and helped to establish the vocational education and secularly led organization, STS Somalia. The purpose of STS Somalia was to create a platform for organizations fighting for ignorance and poverty, human and sexual rights in Somalia. At its peak, STS consisted of 24 local organizations, institutions and groupings, which together represented 300,000-4,000,000 members. The success of the project resulted in the STS being appointed “Goodwill” ambassador to Denmark and the international NGO community of the former Somali Arta government.

In addition to the humanitarian projects that STS settles in, an equally important part of the organization’s work is the thought Poultry/fishery and field farmers’ school projects. STS International Solidarity publishes a news Human-interest every quarter were achieved.

Since the earthquake disaster in 2005, STS has also been present in Somalia. STS finances and operates in cooperation with its Somalia cooperation partner, as STS Somalia based, for need sectors that provides vulnerable communities with development. The two organizations also work together to develop local education and rights centers in the areas in and around Merka of Lower Shabelle. The project is supported by the Civilsamfund Development (CISU) and members of the organization.

Our Vision

STS International Solidarity envisages life of freedom and dignity to everyone regardless of race, ethnicity and sex, free of violence and human rights abuses in Somalia and all over the world.

Mission Statement

Our mission is working togetherness for political stability, socio-economic development to the target societies through strengthening their capacity and implementation of humanitarian programs.

Our Objective

To promote and involve in civic education to improve dialogue and strengthen peace and To promote good governance and peace building through training and advocacy.

Guiding Principles

We are guided by the Somalia Code of Conduct and adheres to ‘do no harm’ principle. These two codes guide our staff in dealing with communities in all its areas of operation, ensuring neutrality.

Objectives To Address These Odds

To promote Health and Nutrition of human been and animals.
To promote and involve in civic education to improve dialogue and strengthen peace.
To promote good governance and peace building through training and advocacy.
To involve in community mobilization to fight environmental degradation and encourage reforestation To Advocate and work for protection and human rights Improve hygiene and sanitation.
To work for sustainable development and livelihoods

Our Core Values

Accountably and Transparency
Human rights
Respect for others
Commitment and trust ship
Performance and team working
Peace culture and pluralism
Serving the people in equal approach in line with Organizational values.
Mutual respect and partnership with the development humanitarian actors’ including human rights and media groups (organizations/agencies).

OUR Partners