STS, with funding from FAO, implemented this project in 5 districts within Lower Shabelle region (Kurtunwarey, Afgoye, Qoryoley, and Marka), and in Bay region (Burhakaba) of SWS. This project has contributed to the improved food and nutrition security, and livelihoods restoration for farmers who had been affected by the severe drought and famine that ravaged many parts of Somalia between 2015-2018.
Farmers from each of the targeted households received certified quality seeds (sorghum,maize, cowpeas, assorted vegetables and inorganic fertilizers) to better their farming outcomes.
The highlights of the project are shown below:
300 metric tonnes of DAP provided to farmers in Afgoye, Kurtunwarey and Buurhakaba
300 metric tonnes of UREA provided to farmers in Afgoye, Kurtunwarey and Buurhakaba
16,250kgs of sorghum seeds / 10 kgs per farmer in Afgoye and Buurhakaba
60,000kgs of seed maize / 15kgs per household/farmer in Kurtunwarey
47,500kgs of cowpeas seeds, each household got 10kgs in Afgoye, Kurtunwarey and Buurhakaba
660 kgs of assorted vegetables seeds, distributed at 240g per household

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