Due to Agricultural practices, unsustainable livestock, drought desertification/deforestation and other factors, land degradation remains to be a key environmental issue in Somalia.

In order to improve food security and livelihoods, STS promotes and implements programs that strike a balance between environmental conservation through afforestation and promotion of Agriculture. In doing so, we recognize the important role of women in small-scale farming, and the success they have had to date in many developing countries, and as such, we focus on supporting the youth and women in small-scale farming.

Our key areas of focus include but are not limited to:
Collaboration with relevant government bodies on climate/weather changes communication and giving early warning to pastoralists and farmers
Community mobilization to fight environmental degradation and encourage reforestation
Promotion of aforestation
Support of women and youth in small-scale farming
Involvement and partnership with organizations involved with mitigation and management of natural disasters

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