As a strategy to respond to the severe alternating drought and flood cycles that render many households food insecure, STS, with support from FAO, conducted community nutrition awareness trainings in Lower Shabelle and Bay regions of SWS.

Number of community members trained on nutritional issues in Lower Shabelle
L. Shabelle – Qoryoley
12 champions trained (6 female/6 male)
180 community members(100 female/80 male)

Lower Shabelle- Marka
22 champions trained(11 female/11 male)
180 community members(110 female/70 male)

Villages covered in Marka: Anti-banan ,SH-Ali-Garane, Cadimoole, Degta-Biyo-Cagaar, Jiddo, Uraye, CadayLay,
Degta-Cali-Xirsi, Biyocagaar, Reydabley, Digwariiri
Villages covered in Qoryoley: Maduulow, Batarmiin, Farxaane, Jeerow, Buufow-Shiidka and Furuqleey

Using a step-down (cascaded) training methodology and best practices in participatory community action, selected community members were trained as nutrition champions. The nutrition champions then led the process of training other selected members of the community, and in sensitizing the wider population on important nutritional issues such as: nutritional education and counselling, food safety and hygiene, balanced diet and child malnutrition among others.

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