Education plays a key role in upgrading living standards; breaking the poverty cycle, as well as improving health, income and opportunities. Also, it’s not only a prerequisite for economic development, but also a right for every citizen, including children.

However, in many parts of fragile Somalia, learning and potential to prosper as adults is negatively affected because they are exposed to internal displacement, violence, deliberate deprivation, physical and emotional abuse, harm and exploitation, or neglect, as a result of living in communities and households that are affected by conflicts, diseases, and natural disasters.

As these factors continue to be a huge barrier to education, and also threaten and destroy lives hundreds of children, women and young people, trapping them in a vicious cycle of poverty, STS International plays an active role in supporting access to education through their programs targeting children, women and the youth. STS ensures that vulnerable children and women in our districts of operation within Somalia are protected.

Our primary focus areas of our work on education and protection are:
Increasing access to education for marginalized children as well as vulnerable children living in humanitarian and emergency settings
Enhancing learning and protection for children in emergencies and those on the move
Improving child well-being by providing safe and encouraging learning environments
Supporting and advocating for children and women’s rights gender justice
Protecting women and children who are often discriminated against or have fewer resources to face and recover from disasters and emergencies, and prioritizing their needs
Partnering with children, youth and women’s organizations to lead in emergency preparedness, risk reduction and response

Our past experience includes supporting three primary schools in Afgoye in Awdhegle and wanalweyn villages, within Lower Shabelle region.

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