STS believes that good crop husbandry and farming practices are critical in improving the food security and in building community resilience in the face of growing environmental shocks.

In 2019, STS improved the knowledge and skills of farmers and targeted households on better crop management, soil fertility management, water conservation, and post- harvest handling. The project has increased the income of the beneficiaries directly due to the increased productivity of the unit area through the application of this knowledge and skil s coupled with the use of fertilizers and certified quality seeds supplied by STS.

Number of Farmers trained in Lower Shabelle and Bay regions
In Bay- Buirhakaba
250 farmers trained (115 female/135male)

Lower Shabelle- Afgoye
55 farmers trained (25 female/30 male

L. Shabelle- Kurtunwarey
300 farmers trained (175 female/125 male

Villages covered in Buurhakaba: Aramayte, Aydhuray, Barfay,, Gareer xamar, Hirmeyle, Mariinta, & Shidaaloow
Villages covered in Afgoye: Jambaluul, Irdole, Areemoog, Dhajaley.
Villages covered in Kurtunwarey: Arbo-Heerow, Bulo Messer, Buulo Warebo, Dacaraha, Kurtunwarey, Garawlay,
Lidow-Guudow, Towfiiq, Oriso, Horseed

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