STS International aims to enhance food security, nutritional status and improvement of self-reliance by improving household food self-sufficiency and income as well as increasing supplies at market level through the rehabilitation and development of production systems. This program also seeks to enhance self-reliance in food security and nurturing of key communal resources and services.

Further, it addresses poverty and vulnerability through early recovery, rehabilitation and development programs so that the target people become more resilient and less vulnerable. It also creates a choice of alternative livelihoods for enhanced access to adequate and sustainable income and resources to meet their basic needs in short term and coping with shocks in the longer-term. Modalities employed include conditional and unconditional cash/voucher transfers and Cash for Work.

To improve emergency preparedness and response mechanisms STS will undertake these interventions:
Rehabilitate farmers’ irrigation schemes, including support to suitable management and operation systems
Support to pastoral/agro-pastoral production systems, including semi-urban and urban livestock production – Farmers’ Capacity building on better crop husbandry
Intervene in destocking and restocking emergency operations
Collaborate with other agencies involved in Food Security programs
Increment of entrepreneurial ventures
Embracing innovation in design and implementation of food security and livelihood intervention Community Nutrition awareness

STS use innovative credit programs to stimulate micro, small and medium enterprise development and sustainable economic growth in rural communities through:
Gender-based initiatives
Agricultural credit and loan programs
Revolving loan and micro-finance projects
Market research and feasibility studies

In 2019, STS, with funding from FAO, STS implemented this project in 5 districts within Lower Shabelle region (Kurtunwarey, Afgoye, Qoryoley, and Marka), and in Bay region (Burhakaba) of South West State.

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