While Somalia has made huge strides towards peace building to-date, Somalia still continues to undergo a painful challenge of trying to build peace, shun violence activities, and overall, re-establish and strengthen good governance structures, systems and human capacity that have been almost non-existence as a result of suffering more than 25 years of civil unrest.

STS is involved in programs that promote and strengthen good governance; peace education and teaching reconciliation; providing and strengthening platforms that help in facilitating dialogue and strengthening peace, as well as implementing community-based mechanisms for peace building through livelihood and economic empowerment activities that are all inclusive to mix people from different clans/ethnicities.

Our Primary Focus Areas Are of peace building:

Involvement in civic education to improve dialogue and strengthen on peace
Capacity building and development of Local Peace Communities stakeholders district level.
Promotion of good governance and peace building through training and advocacy
Supporting dialogue amongst Somali communities and leaders to assist in reconciliation of different interests and peace building.

Our successful track record in the past includes spearheading an inter-tribal peace resolution and reconciliation program involving different tribes in the Dhusamareeb district.

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