STS will involve in Primary Health Care and provides prevention, curative and control services including child and maternal healthcare, expanded program on immunization (EPI), micronutrient deficiency disorders, management of common diseases and awareness raising, advocacy and management of HIV/AIDs. Additionally, through our health facilities we provide nutrition-sensitive interventions.

Currently, we are operating a health care facility in Afgoye corridor with outpatient facility and Maternal and Child Health Care (MCH).

The goal of STS Community Health intervention is to support local communities, families and individuals to access promotive, preventive and curative health services so as to improve community health outcomes.

By working at the community level, STS helps community members maintain and improve their health, prevent the spread of infectious diseases and prepare for natural disasters.

STS approach envisages and encourages community members to take collective responsibility in order to:
Reduce the threat posed by infectious diseases,
Reduce the risk factors of non-communicable diseases and injuries and promoting a healthy lifestyle and environment.
Empower households and families to observe hygiene practices for good health,
Create further awareness and disseminate knowledge and information through community health outreaches, Strengthen the capacity of partner local health facilities by training service providers and improving the accessibility and quality of medical care.

In 2019, 22,000 beneficiaries had accessed to quality health services at STS health center. 3500 under five children have been screened for malnutrition.650 Severe malnutrition under five children have been treated through OTP. 1600 moderate malnutrition under five children have been treated through TSFP.

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