Due to Agricultural practices, unsustainable livestock, drought desertification/deforestation and other factors, land degradation remains to be a key environmental issue in Somalia..
While Somalia has made huge strides towards peace building to-date, Somalia still continues to undergo a painful challenge of trying to build peace, shun violence activities, and overall, re-establish..
Education plays a key role in upgrading living standards; breaking the poverty cycle, as well as improving health, income and opportunities. Also, it’s not only a prerequisite for economic development..
STS will involve in Primary Health Care and provides prevention, curative and control services including child and maternal healthcare, expanded program on immunization..
To empower youth and women improve their livelihood through skills training as income generation, STS seeks; Establish vocational training centers for hopeless youth..
STS International Solidarity aims to enhance food security, nutritional status and improvement of self-reliance by improving household food self-sufficiency and income..
STS International Solidarity seek to improve access to safe water and sanitation for vulnerable communities by constructing hand dug wells, boreholes, water reservoirs..

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