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Partnerships are essential to achieving our mission and goals at STS. We work closely with a range of partners, including local communities, civil society organizations, government agencies, academic institutions, and private sector entities. Our partnerships are built on shared values and a commitment to creating sustainable change.

We believe that partnerships should be mutually beneficial, with each partner bringing their strengths and expertise to the table. We value open communication, transparency, and accountability in our partnerships, and work to ensure that our partnerships are based on trust and respect.Our partnerships are diverse and varied, reflecting the complexity of the challenges we seek to address. We work with a range of partners, including:

Local communities

We work closely with communities to understand their needs and priorities and to develop programs that are locally led and sustainable.

Civil society organizations

We collaborate with civil society organizations to strengthen their capacity to promote human rights, democracy, and sustainable development.

Government agencies

We work with government agencies to advocate for policies and practices that promote sustainable development and the protection of human rights.

Academic institutions

We partner with academic institutions to conduct research and develop evidence-based programs that promote sustainable development and social justice.

Private sector entities

We engage with the private sector to leverage their expertise and resources to promote sustainable development and social impact.

In all of our partnerships, we prioritize accountability, transparency, and learning. We regularly assess the impact of our partnerships and adjust our approach as needed to ensure that we are achieving our shared goals. Ultimately, our partnerships are key to achieving our mission and creating sustainable change in the communities where we work.

Partners and donors

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If you have any questions or need further information about partnership opportunities, donation options, or how you can get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We look forward to collaborating with you and making a difference together.

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