Because every woman should be able to determine her own future.

Your support will change lives

We believe access to contraception is a universal human right. Yet millions of women worldwide are trapped in a cycle of poverty and poor health because they’re unable to choose when or whether to have children.
This lack of choice isn’t just damaging for the women affected – it destroys families and stunts whole communities and societies.
Your support will help us to provide life-changing contraception, safe abortion and family planning services, empowering millions of women globally to take control of their fertility and futures.
You can help us defend every woman’s right to control her body, her choice, her future.

Ways to support us

There are a number of ways you can support us, either by making a donation online or getting in touch to invest on a larger scale.

Make a donation in support of every woman’s right to determine her own future.
Strategic corporate partnerships mean you can help us reach more women while also helping your business.
Whether you give time, money or expertise, your generous investment will benefit women and families for generations to come.

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