STS governance system will be based on the organizations overall principles, in addition to commitment to the universal principles of fairness, transparency and openness. To ensure this, STS will have a board of directors of 4 members who function as the highest decision-making body of the organization. Headed by a chairperson, the board of directors meets once quarterly to assess organizational progress, revisit its programming priorities and make plans for the following Quarter/year. The Board of Directors will help develop the organizational strategy in line with the organizational policies, and implements and monitors the organization’s progress. They will be responsible for supervising the activities of the Core Executive Team.

The Core Executive Team will be the body that carries out the daily routine activities. They will convert the strategic plans developed by the board of directors into operational plans that directly contribute to the accomplishment of the organization’s mission.

The Core Executive Team will comprise of professionals with the skills and expertise in the field of humanitarian relief, emergency and development required to run the functional units of the organization including finance and administration, social services, poverty reduction, research and planning, public relations and communications, and any other supporting organizational functions. The team will implement the initiatives through a network of volunteers and participants that may be grouped geographically or sector-wise. A preliminary organizational chart indicating the key organizational structures and reporting hierarchy is presented below (Figure 1). Other members of the management team include a finance manager.

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