Hundreds of thousands of the people in Somalia are affected every year and are left with devastating effects on their lives due to the natural disasters which are frequent in the country. Communities in most parts of Somalia are acutely vulnerable, and humanitarian needs remain high in the country as a result of protracted years of civil war, internal displacement, endemic environmental hazards, extreme poverty, armed violence and under-development.

Marginalization, forced evictions, discrimination against different vulnerable groups and minorities, pervasive gender-based violence (GBV), and insecurity are commonplace and continue to exacerbate vulnerabilities and to drive varied needs.

In striving to make Somalia a better place, save lives, promote dignity, improve food and nutrition security, prevent diseases, and enhance access to livelihood opportunities, STS International solidarity targets the communities in Somalia be it the internally displaced people or the communities in the hard to reach areas. Specifically, STS International Solidarity’s direct interventions involve:
Distributing cash support and food to communities in poor, remote, hard to access areas and to the internally displaced people/IDP community
Distributing seeds and other farm inputs to farmers
Promoting peaceful coexistence in communities by mediating for peace between communities and resolving conflicts
Sensitizing on health issues through health promotion campaigns/outreach programs and via our health facility
Giving early warnings to the farmer population and pastoralist communities
Delivering various programs that enhance livelihood and result in economic empowerment
WASH promotion programs to the communities, including rehabilitation of Water infrastructure, such as water canals, irrigation drainage systems, etc.
Providing opportunity to the adults to learn how to read and write through basic adult literacy programmes
Agricultural productivity improvements for better livelihoods including community/Farmers’ Capacity building on better crop husbandry and best farming practices
Agricultural productivity improvements for better livelihoods including community/Farmers’ Capacity building on better crop husbandry and best farming practices



Globally, Somalia is ranked the second worst country for women to live in. The prevalence rate for gender-based violence (GBV) and discrimination against women is high, cutting across all economic and social strata, and is deeply entrenched in the Somali culture. Women suffer extreme marginalization, and exclusion in the health dimension, empowerment and involvement in the labour market aspect.

STS offers programs that:

Ante-natal, birth attendance/safe delivery and post-natal care to the women WASH promotion to the women Family Planning/Child Spacing services and empowering women through choice of the number of children to have and spacing the pregnancies
Nutrition screening and intervention for pregnant and lactating women
Out-patient consultation services to women to treat common diseases like malaria, Pneumonia, respiratory tract infections, and skin diseases
Provide women with maternal and child health interventions
Empower these women and improve their livelihoods through supporting their small-scale farming activities
Advocacy and sensitization against violence targeting women
Provide support to marginalized women in varied ways.


The challenges facing children in Somalia continue to be formidable, especially in the poorest and remote areas of the country. These vulnerable group is consistently unfairly caught up in difficulties caused by internal displacement, poverty, wrangles, and other issues. As a result, they suffer malnutrition, lack of education, lack of access to basic health services including vaccination, child abuse, forced labour, preventable diseases, to name but a few.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Every child deserves protection, care, education and all the support and services they need to thrive. STS International Somalia delivers programs that support children in various ways, including:
Child protection and rights advocacy
Supporting education programs targeting vulnerable children
Nutrition screening for acute malnutrition for children under 5 years
WASH promotion programs for children
Provision of nutrition services to children who suffer severe malnutrition.

The Youth

60% of the population in Somalia is comprised of young people who are under the age of 25. To these youth, we recognize the role education has to them in providing them the capacity, skills and confidence they need to allow them to live lives that they have reason to value. We also recognize education provides protection, a sense of normality, a way of healing trauma, and hope for the future, amid the dismal conditions in Somalia.

STS International Solidarity aims to ensure that the youth have access to post-primary training by providing technical and vocational education and training, agricultural training, and tertiary educational opportunities. This non-formal education through our vocational training centre, allows the youth to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes that will allow them to obtain livelihood opportunities.

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