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Somali women, children, and men are already facing serious threats to their physical safety and other life-threatening protection risks.

Children, in particular, bear the biggest brunt of the ongoing conflict. The conflict has displaced 2.6 million people across Somalia, and many children have been separated from their families and friends. The longer a child is separated from their family, the more difficult it is to locate them, and the more at risk they are to violence, economic and sexual exploitation, abuse, and potential trafficking.

In addition to the impact of conflict, the worsening drought and subsequent food scarcity risk are increasing these threats and risks whilst exacerbating existing ones. Far too often, children are driven from their homes by poverty and lack of opportunities, hoping to find better lives elsewhere. They face dangers during their travels and are vulnerable to different forms of violence and exploitation as they embark on dangerous migration routes in search of alternative livelihoods.

The rate of female genital mutilation in Somalia is estimated at 98 percent, and child marriage is also prevalent. These harmful practices carry serious health consequences, increase the likelihood of dying during childbirth, and rob girls of their childhoods, increasing the likelihood of early pregnancy and school dropout.

In light of the above, we work with local communities, government authorities, community and religious leaders and other stakeholder to address the protection needs of vulnerable individuals, especially IDPs, women and children, from violence, exploitation, and abuse. These needs include acts of violence, exploitation, abuse, coercion, and deprivation, especially in situations of conflict, displacement, and through violations of International Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

We provide support for the establishment of safe spaces, training of community leaders, and advocacy for the protection of human rights. However, the existing protection services are inadequate, especially in remote and warring communities, and there is a widespread failure to promote and protect the rights of children. Therefore, it is crucial to continue to prioritize protection in Somalia and work towards improving the situation.

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