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Supporting Resilient Smallholder Farming System

Supporting Resilient Smallholder Farming System (SRSFS ) Project Implemented at Jowhar Distract in Hirshabelle State- Somalia

This documentary film describes the implementation process of SRSFS project; support resilient smallholder farming system that was covering of 10 villages in Jowhar, namely Beyxaaw, Gumbe, Jahaweyn, Kongo, Hanti-wadag, Labiga, Mayongale, Muryale, Timire and Kulmis village, the Project Targets To Support 2,084 Beneficiary Farmers Through Their Cooperatives In Jowhar.

Objectives of the project
To improve smallholder farmer’s resilience to shocks, especially for women and youth, through increased quality production, reduced post-harvest losses and increased market access and linkages.

In this documentary film opening his speech STS key Staff member at Jowhar district and Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation in Hirshabelle, Mr. Mohamed Bashir Kassim {Daqare) also highlights the tangible benefits of SRSFS Project to the local Smallholder farmers and the Ecosystem, and also one of the beneficiary project has story about the benefits he experienced during the project implementation.


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